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23 Apr 2021


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Let’s discuss a topic to improve our skills.


Do you give money to beggars or homeless people? Why or why not?

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  1. Akeno

    I’ll not give beggars anything, so they don’t carry on this habit, they must work and depend on themselves. On the other hand, I’ll give the homeless money, because they lost their homes and need the money to start.

  2. sarasoudi

    I give to all beggars because they all need things like us to eat and wear clothes, I must make sure that he is a real beggar but I don’t know how but I give them all if he is real or not

  3. sarasoudi

    I prefer to give money to beggars because they need money more than the Baskars ,Baskars, From my perspective, are not beggars, but are there for fame or people’s happiness. I do not think that they are beggars and I have not seen them in my life, but if I see them, I will give them money to arouse their enthusiasm and encourage them to continue and do more and develop their project to become bigger.

  4. jyasmine

    In my opinion,
    If I had a more money ,I would give them . And specially homeless, because they are needy to money with knowledge this to adjective is bad but I will give them.

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