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27 Apr 2021

Friends of English

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Here we can learn different beneficial information related to English language 💓

Infinitive Past Past Participle
thinkthought thought
makemade made
break broke broken
go wentgone
speak spoke spoken
awake awoke awoken
Keepkept kept
loselost lost
lielay lain
leaveleft left
know knew known
begin began begun
become became become
swim swamswum
buybought bought
drinkdrank drunk
teachtaught taught
build builtbuilt
grow grewgrown
burnburnt burnt
give gavegiven
find found found
fight fought fought
bring brought brought
write wrote written
drivedrove driven
wear woreworn
sleepslept slept

Get Phrasal Verbs

1- get across: To communicate or successfully explain a thought or a feeling .

Example: he’s very good at getting his ideas across

2- get on with: have a good relationship with someone. 

Example: Our new boss is very easy to get along with. 

3- get around: move from place to place. 

Example: It’s not easy to get around the city without a guide or a map!

4- get away: take a short holiday from work, school …

Example: I just want to get away for few days.

5- get back (from): to return from a place. 

Example: When did you get back from your holiday? 

6- get down: to cause someone to be depressed.

Example: This hot weather is getting me down

7- get in: to enter (a car, a taxi ..)

Example: I got in the taxi at the airport. 

8- get out of: to leave (a car, a taxi..)

Example: I got out of the taxi at the hotel. 

9- get over: recover from something, usually an illness or unhappiness.

Example: He got over his cold and returned to work. 

10- Get on: enter ( a bus/train/plane )

Example: I got on the bus at Alpha Street. 

11- Get off: to leave ( a bus/train/plane )

Example: I got off the bus at Beta Street. 

12- Get through with: to complete or finish something. 

Example:  I got through with my work before evening. 

13- Get together (with)to join or meet

Example: Let’s get together after work today. 

14- Get up: to rise or get out of bed.

Example: What time do you usually get up in the morning?

15- Get rid of: to eliminate 

Example: It’s difficult to get rid of old habits. 

Pick up some of these phrasal verbs, and write your own sentence ✨🌷

29 Responses

  1. raghad12

    What time did you get in last night?

    I check my email as soon as I get in.

    Try to not make noise when you get in.

    get down! It’s too dangerous.

    He told his son to get down from the ladder.

    This’s the message that we wanna get across to the people.

    He has trouble getting his point across.

    I should get on with the reading while I’m waiting.

    Forget about the past, get on with your life.

    If you get back on time, you can come with us.

    When we got back to the hotel, she had left.

    My grandmother is finding it harder to get around these days.

    We walked to another shop to get away from the crowds.

    I’ll get away from it as soon as I can.

  2. sarasoudi

    *Are university students will get a real or remote certificate?

    *You cannot get service for free.

    *If you ask a stupid question, you will get a dumb answer.

    *If you get what you want, know that you are a lucky person.

    * It is easier to get money than to keep it.

    *what a relief, I finally got a job my girlfriend.

    *He who studies and works hard will get his dream and ambition.

    *I got the most beautiful gift from you on my birthday.

    *I got my baccalaureate degree with a good grade.

    *I got many gifts from my mom and dad on my birthday.

    *Laila got a sentence for not listening to her father’s words.

    *I will get what I want, but I must continue and persevere with myself.

    *Who would have thought that I would get a grade point like this.

    *You surprised me when I got a high GPA in the university.

    *Believe me, my dear, you will get it and find it, but be patient.

    *Oh and finally I’ll get some rest.

    *Whoever wants me will get me.

    *I just want to get relief and get rid of worries.

    *You’ll get more words, but I’ve run out of words.

  3. Akeno

    Hello! I’m Karman.
    I’m working at GMS Company, I’m efficiently employed, and I’ve got along with my boss and my colleagues. I accustomed to get up at 7:00 am, my work had been starting at 9:00 am, I always go to the work by taxi, even I evade driving in traffic.
    From getting in the taxi to get out of it, I need 15 minutes to arrive at my work, if paths are empty.
    Today I really get down! Many works accumulated because I had been under the weather, but I got over 2 days ago. In the morning, I’d meeting, I got together at the same moment it was starting!
    I remember last year when my boss had given me a getaway for 10 days to travel.
    I reminisce about that trip to France, It was wonderful! That day, I was feeling scared while I was getting on the plane! Because it was the first time I travel by plane. What a relief when I got off it! I stayed got around many places, of course, I had a map. I had been careful when I got across the streets. I was excited, the 10th day, I got back. Really it was an amazing trip.
    OMG! I’m late, it’s 4:00 pm, I’ll get through with some folders, tidy up my desk and get rid of the rubbish. After that,
    I’ll back at my home, I’m thinking about shopping before that, I don’t know!
    By the way, see you later.

  4. Ghida

    Phrasal Verbs with Take Phrasal Verbs with Take

    1- Take after
    Meaning: to resemble somebody in appearance or character especially a family member
    Example: He takes after his father.

    2-Take away
    Meaning: to buy food from a restaurant and eat it elsewhere.
    Example: We ordered fast food to take away.

    3-Take back
    Meaning: to return something to the place where you bought it.
    Example: I took back faulty goods to the shop where I bought them.

    4-Take down
    Meaning: to write down a piece of information on a paper.
    Example: She took down my address and phone number and said she’d call me later.

    5-Take up
    Meaning: to start doing something regularly as a job, hope, etc..
    Example: I’ve recently taken up knitting.

    6-Take off
    Meaning: to leave the ground and begin flight; ascend in an airplane.
    Example: The plane took off at 3 pm.

    7-Take on
    Meaning: to allow passengers to get on a ship or plane.
    Example: The plane stopped at London to took on some passengers.

    8-Take out
    Meaning:to remove something from its place or somewhere
    Example: The dentist will take out my tooth next week.

    9- Take in
    Meaning: to understand something
    Example: We took in all the information.

    10-Take aback
    Meaning: to surprise or shock.
    Example: The bad news took me aback.

    11- Take apart
    Meaning: to separate something into its different parts
    Example: He took my laptop apart to fix it.

    12-Take someone through something
    Meaning: to explain something to someone in detail.
    Example: He took us through the procedure.

    13-Take to
    Meaning: to start doing something as a habit.
    Example: He’s taken to walking in the park every morning.

    14-Take for
    Meaning: to regard as
    Example: Dose she take me for a fool?

    15-Take over
    Meaning: to get control of a company by buying.
    Example: He will take over the company now.

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