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2 May 2021

Writing Skill

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Hello guys!
This post to improve writing skill. Every time we’ll insert a picture include some advance vocabs. You can share your paragraph, but you’ve to use these vocabs in it.
Good luck.


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    1. Akeno

      The story started 7 months ago when Mr. Nat devised his app.
      One place or one home for all of us! Despite the differences in countries, cultures, gender, religions, and thoughts.
      Who would have thought that all of them will become family?
      We spend a magnificent time there efficiently – even though my mother berated with a diatribe speech because I spend a long time using the app; doesn’t matter- we study, learn, play, laugh and tease each other. We share our thoughts, dreams, and some dilemmas. I want to spend the rest of my time with them, I eliminated any ideas to leave this app. I can’t evade my desire to be here all day!
      What a blessing! They’re part of my life. I feel a relief when I talk with them! This really eases me! I inculcated their love in my heart and my life became more enjoyable!
      I’m accustomed to this app, so do they. To be honest! It’s like drugs, I got addicted and I’m crazy about it!
      To the end of life; nothing deviates my goal or deter me to carry on and nothing diminishes my ambition. I’ll endure all the obstacles strongly. I’m extremely excited to improve myself, this is the main purpose of this app and emphasis on the English language.
      I feel grateful for Nat, he gave us a big opportunity when he created this app, I’m grateful for all members here because they help me to enhance my confidence.

      1. sarasoudi

        In our reality there are many and inspiring success stories of people who worked hard to reach their goal, Don’t say I can’t or I won’t. Sit with yourself and talk about your ambitions and eliminate these stupid fantasies. Emphasize that you want to succeed and become, not focus on what the mind says, Because if you focus on what your mind tells you, you will not be able to enhance what you want, He who wants to become endure all the difficulties and troubles he is going through, and should not evade them because the goal is a success, and because you must have a high efficiency in achieving more. Believe me, you will become, but with diligence on yourself and staying away from stupid ideas

      2. Akeno

        in this life, I want to emphasize something, if you want to be successful, you must be efficient, try to eliminate all the negative people from your path.
        Be like a bee and work efficiently.
        Like anyone, I have dreams, wishes, and purposes, how can I achieve them? At first, I must change my ways and eliminate negative thoughts that inculcated in my mind. I need to devise efficient ideas and deplete my anxiety. I remember an emphasized famous saying “All the dilemmas that we are encountering in our lives, are nothing compeering to your beliefs, let them diminish. No one will deter you from achieving your goals or deviate your path; don’t care about their diatribe speech.”
        Sometimes, I feel like a facetious girl full of illusions, urging my mind in a stupid way to resume my life and indulge my heart.
        Oh, that is miserable! What am I writing!? Words without meaning! Anyway, who will comprehend me? Far, near; I look forward to found someone who understands me!

    2. Ghida

      Life is wonderful but not always comfortable; dilemmas too. The challenge lies in embracing courage, allowing the beauty of life to act like a healing balm, which makes the pain endurable while endeavoring to provide hope.
      Life is full of joy and pleasure; success and comfort are punctuated by misery, defeat, failure, and problems.
      There is no human being on Earth who has born with efficient strength, wisdom, or wealth, who has not experienced, struggle, suffering, or failure.
      No doubt, life is beautiful, and every moment, there is a celebration of being alive, but one should be always ready to bear difficulties and challenges. He who has not encountered them in life can never achieve success.
      Successful people didn’t evade reality, rather than constantly enhancing themselves, despite obstacles. Also, they emphasized the idea that nothing is impossible; you can do everything as long as you eliminate the negativities.

    3. Akeno

      In this life, everyone will die in different ways; some people choose their own death.
      When we drive our cars fast, then we determine how to die! when we have an illness; we don’t care about medicine, That’s like drugs, it often ends with terrible death, even the life with it, it’s a death of another kind. It’s one of the dangerous dilemmas in our societies.
      This kind of materials have issue risks, if you take a little bit of it, you can’t evade more desires. Every time you need more of it to feel efficient. Then, you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t endure living without them, and you won’t be able to control your desire.
      At these moments, you’ll deviate from hell! Many things will change your life, scary thoughts will inculcate in your mind. Big dilemmas will deter you to walk on the right path, and live a life with ease; Obviously, you’ll do anything to get drugs, probably, you’ll steal money and kill someone; Consequently, you’ll be a criminal, the community will detest you; lose your work, family, friends and you’ll stay alone. Your power, abilities and presence will diminish.
      Can you imagine your life; Homeless, depressed, your dreams ease off, ruined reputation, depleted enthusiasm, and your hopes vanish? By the time, the hopelessness will sneak into your soul, and then you’ll be tended to a miserable death!
      Psychologists emphasized in their recommendation action for addict families: “in addition to clinical therapy, it’s necessary to focus on psychological state, through enhancing their emotional case, and give them love, confident and try to eliminate or evade them from dealing with bad companions.”

    4. raghad12

      My hobby is cooking, and I always watch videos to enhance my cooking level, this is an efficient way to eliminate mistakes when cooking. I often try to evade making lentil soup because I don’t like it and I cannot endure it’s smell, and my mum always emphasizes that’s healthy and delicious.


    1. Akeno

      If I want to reminisce about old times, many moments inculcated in my mind, I deter myself of crying while I remember them, I devise any opportunity to talk about them, I consider a little of them painful, whenever I try to deviate my memory about them, I fail! despite that, I remain to miss them.

    2. Akeno

      More than 1442 years ago, God sent the Messenger Muhammad to get out people from polytheism to monotheism, and he brought the greatest message in existence. The message of Islam, and deterring them from the following evil, and instructing them to follow the rulings of Islam.
      At first, some of them followed the new religion- we called them- (The Muslims), while many people disobeyed Allah (The Heathens), and The Heathens tried to deter the people from joining Islam, and deviate them from following it, not only that, they carried on giving them a diatribe speeches; in addition, they devised a lot of ways to diminish their beliefs, The Muslims were vulnerable to many dilemmas, but despite Muslims could encounter the oppression, their reckon eased of anxiety state, they were confident in God, they studded in Mohammad’s school, patient, sacrifice, and faith, that’s what he inculcated in them, in their souls and minds.
      All of those attempts failed, The Islam was spreading vividly, obviously, and clearly,
      Ultimately, The Heathens’ energy to fight Islam depleted; however, they still detested Muslims.
      Finally; prophet Mohammad will remain the inspiration to all Muslims in the world, he’ll remain in our hearts, our minds, our lives, and our methodologies, moreover, Islam still as clear as the sun, no one, and no power can stop it from spreading.

    3. sarasoudi

      *To all smokers: You are in dilemma my dear! But not now you will discover its harm and you will not know what is the damage except when you see it in your eyes.
      There are those who have deviated from everything, such as: his family, friends, school, and life, because of smoking, and there are those who deterred himself from smoking, and there are those who committed suicide because he did not have the money to buy it, you do not know what harms it, I ask each smoker to research the harms of smoking and see with a specific eye how smoke becomes in the body, but I know every smoker knows the damage, but ignores it, Dear! there are videos for treating smoking addiction, watch them to at least deplete their addiction! and if the videos don’t treat you, then you have to devise to anything to remedy that, and I will give you a remedy for one of them: Eat the seeds, this is the first treatment that smokers use, you have to diminish it. This is not healthy for you, your children, or your family, I have evidence that it is unhealthy, which is that there is an inscription on the smoking box that says, “Beware, smoking destroys health and causes death”,this is a small part of its disadvantages, so how if you recognize the most dangerous.
      My dear beware! you are not addicted to smoking, otherwise you will end up and you will lose your families, your children, and your lives.

    4. Ghida

      Happiness can never be seen, it can only be felt by the one who get it. Happiness is said to be an individual’s beliefs, faith, desires, and aspirations.
      Happiness is associated with things that make you feel happy such as faith, wealth, career, relationships and love. For many people happiness is much more than career, success and wealth.
      We have to inculcate the idea that we’re happy and satisfied with everything we have. As we now know that we can’t buy happiness with money and there is no other shortcut to happiness. It is something that you feel from within.
      In addition, true happiness comes from within yourself. Happiness is basically a state of mind.
      Moreover, it can only be fulfilled by being positive and deterring any negative thought in mind. And if we look at the bright side of ourselves only then we can be happy.
      We sometimes make up a dilemma, in fact, there isn’t any.
      Even if you were valuable to a diatribe, bear in mind that will not deplete your energy and mood; therefore, you’ll be happy whatever it happens.
      Stop comparing yourself with others, because that will diminish your self-confidence.
      Finally, life is transient, be happy and live the moment. Nothing deserves to be unhappy.

    1. Akeno

      When I was child, I’d been thinking about a private project, no one deterred me to visualize my future. I’d thought about marketing, but currently, I’m deviating it to a new idea, I’ll devise an app instead.
      I know, I need experts to exploit their expertise when I start, because I’ve no idea. When I had participated it with my friend, he told me about the cost, he said: “some experts estimated it about 20.000$”. Oh! My God! That’s so much! I don’t know if I can endure that cost or evade part of it. Despite of that, economists emphasized the importance of apps right now.
      The applications helped people around the world efficiently in different fields; education, trade, communication, recreation, and others. life became easier than before. Even our need to do some construction outside diminished, and they eliminated from some dilemmas that’s related to their business.
      Many people learned a lot from them, others evolved their level in some skills. For example; if I want to enhance my English language without going to the special centers, I’ll find many of them exclusively, and free. Really this is amazing!
      Yes! Now I’m going to start working on my project.

    2. sarasoudi

      *Nice to have cooking expertise! For example: If you are alone at home, exploit of that to invent exclusive dishes and experiment without anyone’s knowledge and taste it yourself !and if it is an appetite you can adopt it according to what you prepare for your family, and if not, then you should try another, then if you have many dishes but your family is fed up with them, then you should evolve them! However, the family should estimate the one who cooks, and not be frustrated that his food is not tasty or salty etc, Our home chef, we appreciate your great efforts!

  1. Natlus

    Not long ago, frequent questions kept popping up in my mind. One day, I decided to utter my scattered thoughts and put them into writings.

    The first thing that occurred to me is, what’s my goal in life? Where’s it leading me to, and to what extend? What if I achieved my goal? Would there be another goal? Apparently, it sounds like a never-ending pursuit.

    Well, as we grow up, I reckon our goals are changeable. When I was a teenager; for instance, my goal was to enhance my English language and get a better education; soon after my graduation, I’d to devise a business; though there were many obstacles I managed to diminish; they were depleted to the minimum by exploiting every single opportunity I had.

    I gained expertise in a short time and my business became so efficient and evolved. The endurance of the dilemmas throughout the first two years, helped me to eliminate them all.

    After I became the exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia for one of the Chinese factories, I tried not to deter from the main business by establishing another one, so as not to evade me from achieving success and win the trust of the Chinese.

    My co-workers played a good role in scoring our annual target. I’d a good relationship with them, guide and tribute rather than diatribe them; encourage all not to deviate from our strategy whatsoever.

    When I was financially stable, I started to think of marriage and have children; the list goes on and on!

    1. raghad12

      Woo, Mr Nat!
      I’m really surprised at this, It’s very astonishing.
      I didn’t understand everything but what I did was awesome.
      I hope to write something like this one day.

      1. Natlus

        Thanks, Raghad!

        I appreciate your stopping by my post, and giving it some of your time to read!

        Surely, one day you will be much better; no doubt about it.

    2. Akeno

      Nat, welcome among us! You’re amazing
      I’m so glad to participate us your thoughts.
      this’s a good step to encourage us to continue.
      I really appreciate that!

  2. HSM

    Bird strikes
    Bird strike; is defined as a collision between a bird and an aircraft which is in flight or on a take-off or landing roll.
    Bird Strike is a common dilemma and a significant threat to aircraft safety and the aviation, aircraft’s fuselage and engines can’t endure against this hazardous strikes and can cause an utter engine failure or a serious power loss, furthermore it can harm human’s safety.
    The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) emphasized that this dilemma happens during any phase of flight but most likely during the take-off and landing phases due to the greater numbers of birds in flight at lower levels, most bird strikes happened in daylight hours because most birds fly during the day.
    The FAA cleared up in their diatribe that they need to look for efficient solutions or evolve newfangled devices to diminish and deter this exclusive dilemma.
    The diatribe was concluded with abundant solutions:
    *Use of bird scaring techniques such as:
    -Broadcast of bird distress signals.
    -Firing of pyrotechnic bird scaring cartridges.
    *Tactical detection of large flocking birds using specialized ground-based radar equipment.
    *Habitat management, to diminish or elimination trees, shrubs and other plants which provides food, shelter or roosting sites for birds.

    1. Akeno

      Welcome HSM! I’m so glad to shar your paragraph.
      You chose topic from your major, that’s great! despite of I couldn’t comprehend a lot.
      keep it up.

      1. Ghida

        We all have a life’s purpose. It’s hiding there within each one of us.
        But even once we discover it, the journey isn’t over. That purpose is going to evolve over time.
        As you grow, your purpose grows along with you.
        Every stage of your life has a different purpose.
        There’s something that must be Inculcated in your mind, to be that efficient person; endeavoring to enhance himself. Your purpose required exclusive care and efforts, you’re going to face dilemmas, but the secret is don’t underestimate yourself; evading every opportunity, exploit it, try it, you don’t have to be expertise to attain your goals.
        Your purpose needs patient.
        Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go, eliminate your guilt. If you’re unhappy with anything whatever is depleting your endurance, diminish it from your life;
        gradually, you’ll deter them all.
        In the end, there’s something important to emphasize, whatever your goal is, don’t deviate from it, you should always devise new ideas. It’s your life; you own it.

  3. YAHYA

    i never visualized that in one day i could speak English like now. I have started studying this language one and half year ago .in that time I have faced a lot of diatribes .no one, encouraged or supported me, the beginning was so difficult ,but no one was able to deviate me from this goal .I started enhancing my language by myself and spent all my free time learning .I was sure, if there is no pain ,there is no gain. This long journey with English language not finished yet, and will not finish forever. this language became one of my hobbies, if you want to succeed ,you have to love what you do. I know my language not perfect, but now i have confidence to talk with anyone. I am looking forward to talk like a native speaker, I know that will cost me a lot of time and effort but ,you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs .on the other hand, i feel the peak of happiness ,when i can teach others what i have learned. i would like to share this experience with you, to tell you there is nothing impossible just inculcate in your mind you can do it . don’t let the failure deter you from fulfillment your aim .don’t give up, There are other fish in the sea .be patient, Good things come to those who wait. i would like to thank everyone who assisted , supported ,taught, and motivated me to learn this language،In particular, I mention all the members of the Natlus family, who are my best friends. be proud of yourself , observe your progress, better late than never.
    YAHYA …

  4. Ghida

    I’m lost for words to thank you Nat for the exclusive lesson we had taken in The distinguished month of Ramadan.
    As always, you devise a great method to learn English by your expertise in it; uncomplicated, beneficial, and enjoyable. Frequently you emphasize the importance of writing, and that is all for our own good.

    All the vocabularies I took, had Inculcated in my memory, and my knowledge has expanded.
    We were in a dilemma of writing, but now,
    we enhanced a lot by virtue of your efforts.
    We strived to exploit these vocabularies and make a practice in writing skills. It’s depleted our time; however, we evolve into efficient writers.
    Our erroneousness has diminished by practicing.
    We never give up, we’re always trying not to evade the difficulties. Rather, confront it.

    My friends here are awesome, we always encourage each other; there isn’t any diatribe between us. We all have a passion for learning more about the English language.
    I’m overjoyed to get acquainted with them.

    In the end, The holy month of Ramadhan is about to end. May Allah accept our prayers, good deeds and eliminated all our sins. I wish you all, The members of Natlus English, a very Happy Eid! 🌸


    1. Akeno

      Oh my dear!
      Your writing really is wonderful,
      thank you for your feeling.
      thanks for Nat from deep of my heart about his effort with us specific during this month.
      Allah accept our supplication.

  5. Akeno

    I’m sitting alone, closing my eyes, reminisce in thinking, the time is going quickly! I can’t imagine how this month is leaving fast!
    That is great, exclusive present from Allah to expand good deeds, and eliminate them. Allah give us big chance to diminish and deplete our debts, he deter us from deviating off the right path. The big erroneousness is following path devil while he is spreading his hands with mercy.
    Fasting gives us an ability to evade and endure our desire, to enhance honest feeling with Allah, to evolve strong relationship with each other, to devise many ways to become near from him. Ramadan is patience and belief school.
    Prophet Mohammad emphasize the importance it to be more efficient, he had deep expertise about this point. We can’t estimate it due to it’s a spiritual time. The supplication, invocation prayer, reading Quran, and any charities give us double value for another month, but include great. All these meaning inculcated in my mind automatically. I ask Allah accept our fasting and all good deeds.
    Before get through my thinking, I’m attention to time, OMG! 5 minutes before Alfajer prayer! I forgot myself, I’m talking diatribe speech with myself due to this situation. Its ok, at least I can drink a cup of water.


  6. Alaa

    Last year, my friend invited me to spend a week with him in his villa in Alexandria. First of all, I packed my bags and got ready for the journey. While I was driving the car on the highway, the car stopped suddenly. when i got out to see what happened, I realized that the engine broke down.The darkness was surrounding me from all sides because the journey was in the middle of the night.Then, I tried to fix the engine but I couldn’t. Unexpectedly, a man stopped and offered help. Finally, we fixed it and I thanked this kind man for helping me to continue my journey and reaching my destination safely.

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