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  • Quiz Time
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    Welcome to the English Language Club. This page is dedicated to practicing all English language skills. EXERCISE 01 Q1 – I bought a pair of ___ shoes. A-black leather / B-leather black Q2 – It was a __ car. A-red fast / B-fast red Q3 – It’s a __ building. A-big round / B-round big…
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  • Writing Skill
    Hello guys!This post to improve writing skill. Every time we’ll insert a picture include some advance vocabs. You can share your paragraph, but you’ve to use these vocabs in it.Good luck.✨✨✨
  • Friends of English
    Here we can learn different beneficial information related to English language 💓 Infinitive Past Past Participle be was/were been think thought thought make made made break broke broken go went gone take took taken speak spoke spoken run ran run hold held held blow blew blown awake awoke awoken Keep kept kept lose lost lost…
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  • Popular vocabs
    Hello guys!This post to learn some popular vocabs together. Every time we’ll insert a picture, it include a new vocabs. You can share your sentences, but you’ve to use these vocabs in them.Good luck.✨✨✨
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  • Discussion
    Let’s discuss a topic to improve our skills. BEGGARS Do you give money to beggars or homeless people? Why or why not?
  • Natlus in Action
    Here you can ask any question related to English, and I’ll answer you. English Only